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How NicheZips Works

NicheZips was developed to help you build and maintain a personal, human presence within your community. When you create connections and nurture networks, the business benefits naturally follow. We help position you as a resource, in a small but super targeted pond.

Personalized, Local Websites

We create and manage a website focused on your unique zip code or area. Your NicheZips site is designed to be the resource for residents and potential residents of your community, and to consistently stay in flow with your visitors. Every NicheZips site features the following advantages:

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    Ability to browse homes
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    Mobile friendly
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    SEO friendly
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    View analytics in real-time.
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    Custom local content
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    Increased brand visibility
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    Neighborhood profiles
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    Community information
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    Web hosting
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    Concierge setup

Property Search

With an IDX sync to your MLS, clients can browse homes, view photos, schedule showings, save searches, and more. Keeping visitors on your site longer and building new relationships. Clients can search by neighborhoods, maps, cities, zip codes and more. With your site connected directly to your MLS, your clients will never have to worry again about missing out on the newest properties that hit the market.

High Quality Content

You become the authentic resource by providing quality and engaging content for your community. Throughout the year, we advise releasing SEO-friendly content on your website, including local news, events, new businesses, restaurant reviews and helpful realtor insights. By providing fresh and quality content, your audience grows while your website is continuously seen high on search engines.

Partner With Local Businesses

By providing a complimentary profile on your community site and driving potential customers to their business page, you enhance their exposure and become a trusted resource in the process, ultimately create new friendships with other great business owners within your community.


Facebook provides a very large audience for your business. Introduce your brand, stay in constant flow with your audience and utilize retargeting campaigns to bring visitors back over and over again, ultimately never losing touch with your website visitors. Building your local audience, your client base and your niche.


NicheZips will set your website up for Google Analytics. You can track your website’s performance in real-time and watch your audience grow. See which campaigns your visitors are coming from, where they are located and so much more.


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Lead Your Community

“All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like, and trust.” – Bob Burg